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Technology level :. The Sangheili [8] Macto cognatus in Latin taxonomy, [9] meaning "I glorify my kin" are a saurian [10] sapient species known for their warrior culture and combat skill. Named after their home planet, Sanghelios , they have historically been known to humans as Elites for their former role in the Covenant 's military hierarchy. They had a very strong rivalry with the Jiralhanae , which finally led to open conflict during the Great Schism at the conclusion of the Human-Covenant War. After the High Prophet of Truth and the High Prophet of Mercy ordered the genocide of the entire Sangheili race during the Great Schism, the species was forced into civil war against the Covenant proper. This was established after the assassination of the High Prophet of Regret at the hands of John
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The Sangheili [5] [6] Macto cognatus , [7] "I glorify my kin" , known to humans as Elites , [8] are a saurian [9] species of strong, proud, and intelligent warriors, as well as skilled combat tacticians. The Sangheili are named after their home planet, Sanghelios. Due to their skill in combat, the Sangheili have formed the military backbone of the Covenant for almost the entirety of its existence. They had a very strong rivalry with the Jiralhanae , which finally boiled over into open hatred during the Great Schism , and the conclusion of the Human-Covenant war.
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O Covenant foi introduzido pela primeira vez em , no jogo Halo: Combat Evolved como inimigos do personagem principal, um super soldado humano conhecido como Master Chief. Os Jackals, ou Kig-Yar, da lua de Eayn, orbitando Chu'ot carregam escudos de energia e armas de alcance. Os eventos resultantes iniciaram a guerra Humano-Covenant. Eles foram feitos fisicamente mais altos e mais fortes do que as Elites, tendo sua sociedade organizada em torno de chefes tribais. Uma enorme frota do Covenant chega em Reach e assola grande parte do planeta.
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