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Diagnosis From Facial Features

FDNA's Face2Gene technology analyzes patient biometric data using artificial intelligence, identifying correlations with disease-causing genetic variations. Medical geneticist Omar Abdul-Rahman had a hunch. He thought that the three-year-old boy with deep-set eyes, a rounded nose, and uplifted earlobes might have Mowat-Wilson syndrome, but he'd never seen a patient with the rare disorder before. Rahman had already ordered genetic tests for three different conditions without any luck, and he didn't want to cost the family any more money—or hope—if he wasn't sure of the diagnosis.
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General Physical Appearance

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Coarse facial features - Wikipedia

A particularly well-developed aspect of visual diagnosis in Greek Medicine and other traditional healing systems is facial diagnosis. This is also called the art of physiognomy. The chief function of the face is expression, which is the giving of visible outer form or manifestation to inner states of feeling or being. Everyone is familiar with the facial expressions of various emotions and sentiments like happiness, joy, sorrow and grief, but the face can also give outer expression to inner states of health or disease.
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Facial recognition technology used to spot genetic disorders

New technology could help doctors to diagnose rare genetic disorders through face-recognition software similar to that used in modern handheld cameras. It will also be able to group together patients with unknown disorders who have similar facial features and skull structures — potentially enabling doctors to identify new disorders, and the DNA variations that cause them. So far, the database extends to nearly 3, patients. While genetic disorders are each individually rare, collectively conditions which may involve some change to face or skull affect one person in
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Many sufferers of rare diseases endure an odyssey until the correct diagnosis is made. The majority of rare diseases are genetic. The underlying hereditary mutations often cause varying degrees of impairment in different areas of the body. In most cases, these hereditary changes are also expressed by characteristic facial features: for example, because eyebrows, the base of the nose or the cheeks are shaped in a distinctive way. However, this varies from disease to disease.
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