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Facial Femininzation And Gender Reassignment

One of the greatest joys in my trans community work is helping people navigate Facial Gender Confirming Surgery. In NY, we have the benefit of a clear history of coverage through Medicaid, and plenty of pro-bono legal teams able to help patients with denials. Resources in other locations are variable, but I'm attempting a general starter guide to FGCS through insurance. Please first read this resource for a general overview of insurance utilization for trans surgery.
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Facial Feminization | New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery

To make something like FFS truly accessible — and to give trans people true agency over it — requires completely reimagining the capitalist medical system. At the beginning of March, her facial feminization surgery was deemed necessary by three separate medical providers. FFS has changed substantially since its initial development. Different practitioners, aesthetic preferences, and ideas about what it means to be beautiful, feminine, and normal have all impacted the field, making it increasingly popular and desirable for transfeminine people with varied transition goals. Among many of them, it is considered a matter of life or death, or, at least, a gateway to a much better quality of life. The procedure makes the difference between someone passing and someone being targeted for anti-trans harassment, and it helps alleviate the dysphoric discomfort associated with being scrutinized and misgendered. When we spoke on the phone in March, she told me about childhood memories of crying while looking at herself in the mirror; though she didn't think she was ugly, she knew the face she saw was just not hers.
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Transgender Clinic

A UCLA study offers the first evidence that transgender patients who receive gender-affirming facial feminization surgery reported better mental health after their procedures. According to Dr. Sarnat Professor of Craniofacial Biology, gender-affirming facial surgery is frequently classified by insurers as a cosmetic procedure, in part because of a lack of evidence that the procedure improves patients' quality of life. They found that people who had received the surgery reported higher scores in seven of 11 measures of psychosocial health -- anxiety, anger, depression, global mental health, positive affect, social isolation, and meaning and purpose -- than those who had not yet had the surgery. The study suggests that gender-affirming surgery is one of the most important procedures for the treatment of patients with gender dysphoria, the psychological distress that results from the incongruence between one's sex assigned at birth and one's gender identity.
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Some individuals are born with a biological gender that they do not identify with. As acceptance of transsexualism has grown within the medical community, a number of surgical procedures have been developed to help patients with this complex process. While hormone therapy can provide some benefits e. Velargo specializes in surgery of the face and neck and can aid in the surgical transformation process.
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